Federico Martínez Montoya
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Adorable Petit Diable
Brussels, 2014

In collaboration with Uriel Serrano

This work uses the production residues of the Spring-Summer 2014 collection of a Haute Couture house in Paris in order to talk about the hard labour conditions
within fashion industry.
View of the exhibition
SS 2014
Patron embroidered in concrete with the remains of threads used to trace and assemble the final pieces of the fashion collection.

The work ends when the form can't be repeated within itself or when there is no more thread.
Adorable Petit Diable
Fabric silk, basted and unraveled during 22 hours equivalent to the working hours before launching the SS Collection 2014.
- Raw signs and repetition text by Julio García Murillo.
- Press Note by Sam Steverlynck
- Exhibition at D+T Project Gallery