Federico Martínez Montoya
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Perdido (Lost)
Nueva York 2012
Intending to prove the assistance of new yorkers with foreigners, I made an attempt to commute by walking to 14th Street and Broadway in Manhattan from different spots in the city, without previous knowledge of the route. Only following the instructions of the people who assisted me and only by speaking Spanish.

Two routes were chosen. The first one began in Flushing - Main St Queens located approximately 18 kilometers from the arrival point: Union Square Manhattan. After being lost for five hours, someone told me that walking to Union Square was the equivalent of walking from Mexico City to Guadalajara, that I would not make it in one day and that I took the subway train and asked for a fare. Disorientation, uncertainty and their advise made me do it.

The second route began in Crown Hts - Utica Av, located approximately 11 kilometers from Union Square, Manhattan. After seven hours I made it to the plaza.
Federico Martinez - Perdido (lost) NY
Mapping the map
Subway map of Nueva York erased with sandpaper.

Audio 30:00 min
Ambient audio recording of the journey number one. Each time the red button is pressed, randomly reproduce one of the talks that I recorded during the journey.

Samples of the recordings